A friend of Jim's daughter, Lauren, once told her, "Your dad's restaurant needs its own food category. It's not Tex-Mex, and it's not traditional Mexican ... everything is just really good!" With that in mind, we present our GOURMET BURGER selection. Our burgers are made with 1/3-pound Certified Angus Beef patties served on a toasted ciabatta roll and topped with all sorts of fixings ... some traditional, and some that are definitely outside the box!

Classic Hamburger — 8.49

Cheeseburger — 9.49

The Jalapeno Pepperjack Burger — 10.49

Jalapeno Bacon Cheeseburger — 10.49

Guacamole Burger — 10.99

A new classic! Our fresh guacamole beneath a blanket of melted Monterey Jack cheese.

The Jalapeno Pinto Burger — 10.99
Yes, beans! Fresh hamburger topped with grilled jalapenos, melted Jack cheese,
then a creamy layer of our fresh pinto beans, all between a toasted bun.

Mushroom & Swiss Burger — 10.49
A nice portion of sliced mushrooms grilled on the flat iron and topped with melted Swiss cheese.

Green Chili Burger — 11.99
Served open-face and smothered with our pork chili and topped with Jack cheese.

Fajita Burger — 10.49
Grilled red onion, green and red peppers under a layer of melted cheddar.

The Santa Fe Burger — 10.99
1/3 pound certified Angus beef grilled on the flat iron topped with a house roasted green
chili & melted jack cheese. Served on a toasted Tuscan bun with french fried potatoes and classic garnish.

"The Silva" Burger — 10.99
Fresh jalapenos and mushrooms grilled on a burger under a blanket of melted Jack cheese.
This is in honor of a friend who wanted to be in print ... but he's already a lawyer!